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Many factors impact an animal’s disposition. One essential way of ensuring your charge is healthy and happy is paying attention to its diet. At Carvin Burklies Company Limited, we take your pet’s health seriously. And so, we stock a variety of products to ensure the wellbeing of your pet. Holistic Health Extension, Petmate, Duvo, Espree, Sunshine Mills, Central Garden and Pet, 8 in 1 Pet Products, Witte Molen, Nutrivet, Coastal Pet, and our very own, Ceebee Bird Products are some of the brands we distribute.

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Health and Wellness

Like us, pets need to maintain a nutritious diet to ensure their health. And, just like us, supplements give their daily intake a boost.
In addition to dietary supplements, dental care and joint solutions all aid in wellness. We carry several products that promote good health:

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  • Prosense adult and puppy multivitamins
  • Prosense regular and advanced              glucosamine tablets
  • Nutrivet hip and joint biscuits
  • Nutrivet puppy and kitty milk replacement
  • Nutrivet toothpaste
  • Prosense antiseptic wound cleaner
  • Vet Worthy salmon oil
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Pet Food

Whether your friend is furry, feathery or scaly, you need to feed them and do so appropriately. Some pets have different dietary requirements at various stages in their maturation. We understand this, and so we provide an array of pet food to suit your pets’ needs.

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  • Pureluxe dog food

  •  Health Extension dog food

  • Health Extension cat food

  • Cat Café gourmet cat food

  • Puur bird seeds

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We know it’s important to you that your pet look, feel and even smell great—after all, it’s a part of the family. Shop amongst our panoply of accessories. With trustworthy brands such as Petmate, Espree, Perfect Coat and Safari, you can be sure you’ll be getting the best!

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  • Safari Grooming Products
  • Furbuster Grooming Products
  • Magic Coat Grooming Products
  • Perfect Coat Shampoos
  • Petmate Travel Kennels
  • Petmate Dog Beds
  • Bird Cages

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For over 30 years, Carvin Burklies Company Limited has been helping pet owners, groomers, handlers and veterinarians care for their pets. Since then, we’ve become a trusted name in pet supplies.

We are the go-to importer and distributor of veterinary and pet products. We outfit veterinarian clinics and pet stores throughout Trinidad and Tobago, and the Caribbean with the most reputable brands in pet supplies.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality pet products. And so, we supply a vast range of health and wellness, food and accessories for animals. We know you want to provide pets with the care they deserve.

Call and speak to our warm, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Let us help you select the right products.

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